Job Search Strategies

Job searching isn't just about applying for jobs and hoping to get called for an interview anymore. It's more complicated than that, especially in a competitive job market. The most successful job seekers utilize a variety of job search strategies to help them stand out from the crowd.  Let us help you develop skills in:

  • Networking

The most important tool of job-hunting, especially in times of uncertainty is Networking is the most effective tool of job-hunting because if you use your networking skills  properly, you will hear of multiple job opportunities, often before they are even listed , f they are ever listed.

  • Finding Hidden Job Opportunities

In uncertain times the job openings disappear and job-seekers are left scrambling for the few "open" jobs. But there are always job possibilities lurking in the background, and it is up to the persistent job-seeker to find those hidden job opportunities and/or to create new opportunities.

  • Creating a Focused Resume

Resumes are supposed to document your skills and accomplishments, not your duties and responsibilities. Try to quantify accomplishments as much as possible.

  • Creating a Dynamic Cover Letter

A cover letter is an integral tool of your job search. Perhaps in the past you have been able to get good jobs with a mediocre cover letter, but in uncertain times, your cover letter becomes the main tool that can determine whether your resume is read and whether you are even considered as a candidate for a position.

  • Follow-Up   

In good times, some job-seekers may be able to get away with being impolite in not sending thank you letters and being lazy by not following up all leads, but in a tight or uncertain job market, job-seekers must follow-up every job lead, every job application, and every job interview.